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It is easier to get into a TEDx “NO” pile than it is to get to “YES”.
Get Ready for TED is the step-by-step guide designed to move you from “HELP, I have no idea about how to get my idea out there” to “YES” I landed my TEDx speaking spot”!

About the Book

I’ve coached thousands of people to speak in various situations and I’ve coached four groups of TEDx speakers. What I haven’t done is studied or figured out how to apply to and land a spot with TEDx. Luckily for me and my future clients, Teri has! If being a TEDx speaker is one of your dreams, this book is for you. If you coach people who want to be a TEDx speaker, it is absolutely also for us!
– Amy Ayoub,The Zen Speaker – How to Be Calm, Confident & Compelling in the Spotlight
This book is a journey designed to help you move from your current starting place – “I want to be a TEDx speaker”; to your ultimate destination – landing your dream spot on a TEDx stage.
It is a step-by-step roadmap for crafting your persuasive, compelling pitch packed with insider strategies, tips, and techniques for nailing your TEDx application.
By the end of the book, you will know how to crack the code to speaker selection by learning how to:
  • ZFind, define, and refine your “idea worth spreading”
  • ZCraft an irresistible application
  • ZNavigate the selection process so that you stand out in a competitive landscape
  • ZHow, when and where to apply
  • ZIf you want to know how to avoid the dreaded “NO THANKS” pile by creating a stand-out video component for your application.

The average TEDx event will receive hundreds of speaker applications with 6-10 speaker slots. You want to make your application easy for the team to review. You want your application to be what the team and event are looking for. This step-by-step guide does just that.


This book takes you on an intellectual journey, a step-by-step guide to successfully spread your idea to the world. Teri offers a winning formula from ideation to the talk. I encourage you to embrace her approach which is a culmination of her successful experiences, passion, and accomplishments in the TED universe.


May this book be the support and a source of inspiration as you embrace your journey to the red dot.


~Veronica Farmer, TEDx Kanata Curator/Co-Chair, Vice President of Marketing, Wesley Clover International

Teri nails down the most important pieces for any aspiring TEDx speaker from pitch to platform with a complete understanding of the difference between Speaking and TEDx, something that too many speaker-coaches miss. Teri has the ability to drill down to what matters, leaving the rest at the door so she can coach winning TEDx hopefuls to produce exactly what the curators are looking for. As she says, it’s not easy, but she makes the journey easier with her TEDx formula.


~Angela Sutcliffe, Professional Speaker, Leadership Coach, Small Business Advisor

Teri takes you on an exercise journey of mind mapping, # hash tagging, using the TRUST template and the ABT formula; to her sage (and 100% correct)frontline advice on what NOT to do so YOU can stand on the RED DOT and share your idea worth spreading.


This is a must-do guide.


~Cheryl Dowell, TEDxOttawa Curator/Executive Director, Professor, School of Business, Algonquin College

I’ve often thought about what it might be like to do a TEDx talk but have never seriously considered it till reading this book. Teri Kingston is a master guide through the process. Small steps, very clear instructions and truly inspirational!


~Janet Kidd, Musician


Teri Kingston is a public speaking and TEDx Speaker Coach. In 2023 she was listed as one of Canada’s Top Ten Speaking Coaches. She works with executives, thought-leaders and people with a passion to share ideas on one of the largest platforms in the world.

Teri shares her unique insights on effective public speaking with her executive speech coach clients, and her private TEDx clients. She is particularly effective when helping STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine) speakers explain technical subject matter to non-technical audiences. Her “What Happens when STEM meets TED” is a popular workshop offering. She has worked with STEM students at UOttawa, UMaine and Carleton University.

Her own TEDx talk, “Can We Live Better by Talking About Dying?” was viewed over 40K times in the first 24 hours of being posted.

A member of Toastmasters International since 2002, she received her Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) designation in 2008. She was certified as a World Class Speaking Coach in 2011.

Through her business, Real Impact Speaking, she helps to amplify presentation skills using TED-style storytelling techniques. Teri understands how to help speakers discover, design and develop their best talks.

Her mission is to help people get their valuable perspectives and ideas out into the world in a way that will truly resonate with their audiences every time they step out on stage.

Teri lives in St Andrews by the Sea, New Brunswick, Canada because it is postcard pretty and on the border with Maine. This allows her to be as close as possible to children and grandchildren who live way too far away. When she can’t visit them, she consoles herself with chocolate!