Spotlight On Storytelling

Format: Available in small group workshops

Brilliant stories have the power to ignite change, inspire action and launch movements that change lives!

“Persuasive Business Storytelling is the most in-demand skill in business today” (Strategic Storytelling, Dave McKinsey).

By adding the power of storytelling to your management bag of leadership and influencing tools, you position yourself as a leader and gain the edge you need to advance your career. This is especially important for women leaders. Strengthening your ability to communicate powerfully on executive teams and board meetings through the effective use of stories will make your voice the one that is heard and remembered.

I learned to hone the art of storytelling and that brought my speeches up to the next level… now, when I am approached by colleagues and clients who say, “I’d love to speak like you,” the first thing I tell them is, go to Teri Kingston. Not only will she teach you – she’ll bring out the best of you to deliver in any way you need. It’s one thing to be an engaging speaker – now I know it’s another thing to be one who connects.  Thank you so much Teri – you’ve brought my speaking skills to a whole new level.  And in my business, that’s a money maker!
Angela Sutcliffe

Business Consultant ,

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