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Format: Available as one-on-one coaching or special small group VIP packages

Just for a moment imagine what it would be like for you to be the one on center stage – delivering your “idea worth spreading!”

Learn the essential elements of a TED talk


Discover why this proven format is so successful


Learn how to get your idea across in 18 minutes or less


Understand how TED talks differ from other types of presentations


Discover the magic ingredient that makes the most successful TED talks so captivating!
Teri Kingston helped me to deliver a talk that left a real impact on the audience.  I did not choose an easy subject, but Teri helped me to present my ideas in a way that would resonate with my audience. I have been speaking in the public eye since I was 11 years old, but I had never worked closely with a speaking coach. When I worked with Teri to prepare for TEDx, I thought I knew it all! Teri’s feedback opened my yes to the audience’s perspective, and I credit her for enabling me to present my ideas with complete confidence. If she can coach you for TED, you are lucky to have her.
Graham Spero

TEDx Algonquin Speaker, Canada's Fastest Parakayaker

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The Get Ready For TED coaching package is available in 1:1 or small group VIP sessions, and can be custom-tailored to your needs, your company, and your current goals.

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