Teri’s All-inclusive Journey to TED program will have you ready to hit the TED stage in as little as 3 months!

All-Inclusive Journey To TED: Enhance your storytelling abilities with Teri Kingston’s Journey to TED program. With 8 coaching sessions over a 3-4 month period, you’ll be ready to take the TED stage with confidence.

A TED calibre idea is within you. Our first step toward effective storytelling is identifying that idea, brainstorming, and digging deep to better understand exactly what your words have to offer. Through this step you will be introduced to the guidebook and rules to understanding the wonderful world of TED.

Once you understand the power of your words and ideas, we will collaborate to create an application that encapsulates your message in a way that secures the attention and interest of the selection committee. Together we will find your spot on a TEDx Red Dot.

In this step your ideas will take form as the scripting and rehearsal stage begins. Consulting the curated list of best practices that I’ve created from years on various selection committees, we will refine and polish your speech manuscript. This component will also include some of the performance related delivery techniques that will help you enhance your storytelling abilities.

In this stage we will perfect all aspects of your talk: creating compelling content, learning to take your audience on a visionary journey that will change how they think, act, or feel. Through this stage we will elevate your storytelling to reach maximum impact on your audience. With a full arsenal of tools, tips, and techniques, you will develop and integrate authentic speaking delivery methods into any speeches or presentations you give going forward, virtual or in person.

From your initial draft to your final performance, I will support and help you enhance your storytelling skills with useful performance tips to help manage nerves, boost confidence, develop memory muscle, and strengthen stage performance. 


Between our arranged coaching sessions you will have access to me through email. I will be available to read and review drafts and videos, answer your questions, help you get past any blocks you may have in the process, and keep you focused, on track, and moving toward your highest potential.


8 hours of 1-1 coaching plus email support as much as needed.


3-4 months from the day of signing.

If you have any questions about the program or payment options, please contact me via email at